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With the help of amazing fans, here's how we've been giving back & ways you can get involved.


During these challenging times, it's critical that we provide support to already vulnerable communities in a timely manner. Hunger is rising quickly but with your support and thanks to the hardworking volunteers and staff at Feeding America® we can help meet the needs of families struggling to secure their next meal.

To allocate your donation write " Feeding America" in the notes field. Click here to donate.

To learn more about Feeding America please visit

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In partnership with the Hacker Fund, MYF has invested in the "Compton Innovation Center". The new center will serve the 25,000+ students who attend CUSD and will provide them with a homebase from which they can develop their professional skills and their startup ideas. This center will empower Compton stakeholders to prototype technology projects, hire locally, and serve their city for years to come. The Compton Innovation Center will help develop the local Compton economy and will ensure positive multi-generational change.

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One Watershed is a program developed by Surfrider LA and Venice Beach startup, StokeShare, to connect inner-city youth to nature through surfing. One Watershed is anchored in the enjoyment element of Surfrider’s mission. For the launch of the event MYF provided transportation and meals for participants and will continue to support Surfrider's mission in hopes of inspiring a new generation of coastal conservationists who understand the importance of our ocean and the need to protect it.

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