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We commit to listen, learn, and take action. 


In this time of uncertainty, we’ve seen the emergence of true heroes. From medical professionals, essential workers and volunteers combating COVID-19, to the millions of people across the country fighting for racial justice. 


We are immensely grateful for your sacrifice and dedication. 


In 2019, we launched our campaign against food insecurity.  With the support of our fans, we’ve been able to provide thousands of meals to people struggling to secure their next meal. 


The COVID-19 pandemic, which according to the CDC has disproportionally affected the black community, has led to a rise in unemployment and thus an increase in food insecurity. That is why we will continue to work diligently to support hunger initiatives and intend to exercise our right to vote in order to support systematic change. 


We encourage you to utilize your voice, your vote, your donations, and whatever means are accessible to you. 


Thank you

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