The Make Yourself Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created by the band Incubus that funds various charities both locally and around the world.

The band funds the foundation through activities such as donating a portion of the proceeds generated from touring, record royalties, online auctions of Incubus concert tickets and memorabilia, and special events.

MYF has raised over $1.6 million since inception in 2003. 

From Brandon Boyd

"Over the past few years, we have been so fortunate to watch the Make Yourself Foundation grow from it's humble beginnings to a full fledged source of assistance and influence in the world. Through all of our combined efforts, MYF was able to reach it's first long term goal of One Million dollars late last year. Dozens of important causes were held up with your hands, Incubus' largest tour to date was able to almost completely erase it's carbon footprint, and not the least of the accomplishments, together we were reminded that 'many' is more powerful than 'few.'
It has been really wonderful meeting the people all over the world who's love of art and music inspire them towards acts of selflessness. And we look forward to continuing this process further; setting new, larger goals along the way. The accolades granted to Incubus this last year, (EMA Award, Ebay Giving Works Award) are dedicated to those of you who spent your hard earn coin donating to MYF. Without your participation, we wouldn't be where we are today! So, what I guess I'm trying to say is, thank you! And the charities to whom those moneys went to thank you as well.
So on behalf of everyone in Incubus and once again, the organizations to which we all donated our time and resources, cheers! It has always been my observation that to live by example is the most admirable way to walk the Earth! See you all soon"

So where does all the money that Incubus fans donate go?

Incubus found that soon after 2004 there was an immediate need for the funds raised through MYF. Within weeks of the tragic 2004 Tsunami in Asia Incubus donated $100,000 to Red Cross to benefit victims. That was followed up with donations to the following organizations:

Carbon Neutral
Carbon War Room
Center for Biological Diversity

City of Hope
David Lynch Foundation
Earth Force
Ease-In Program/UCLA for L.A. youths
Easter Seals Blake Foundation

Epilepsy Foundation
Global Giving Foundation
Habitat for Humanity

Heal The Bay
Heart to Heart
Institute of Music and Neurologic Function
International Rett Syndrome Association
Kristen Ann Carr Fund for Sarcoma
Life Rolls On
Mercy Corps

Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation
Music For Relief / Power The World
National Center for Science Education
Operation Smile

The Painted Turtle
Red Cross
Reef Check

ROAR Foundation

Rock The Earth
Santa Monica Bay Keeper

Save the Waves
Silverlake Conservatory of Music
Surfrider Foundation

Sweet Relief
TJ Martell Foundation

Urban Farming
VH1 Save the Music

World Bicycle Relief
Zeno Mountain Farm

The band signed as a partner for the Stop Global Warming campaign at www.stopglobalwarming.org and Incubus remains in the TOP 10 of all 'virtual marchers.' In addition, the band made their entire 2007 world tour "carbon-neutral" friendly and neutralized the carbon waste from the buses, trucks and flights used on tour. Through MYF, they contributed funds to Carbon Neutral to plant news trees (thereby offsetting the carbon) and researched new fuel alternatives.

Singer Brandon Boyd sums up the bands feelings with the following comment: We are honored and grateful to be doing this, and we are certain that with the participation of everyone and our wonderfully supportive fans that we will succeed in this first of what will be many goals in the future. One person working diligently alone can do wonders, but many people working harmoniously together can accomplish worlds. Thank you.

MYF was founded in 2003

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