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Money Raised To Date: $1,328,890 (as of 4/24/12)

What is The Make Yourself Foundation and why was it created?
The Make Yourself Foundation is a non-profit organization conceived by the members of Incubus. Incubus has been extremely fortunate in their success, and they owe it all to their fans. MYF allows the band members to use a portion of the proceeds from all band-related activity to fund causes both locally and around the world, and to give back to those who are less fortunate.

How is this foundation different from other foundations?
The Make Yourself Foundation is unique in a few ways:

1) The primary funding comes from band-related activities. Therefore, as long as Incubus continues creating music that connects with fans, MYF will have the ability to fund causes that help make earth a more live-able place.
2) Incubus is in a unique position to raise awareness for selected causes due to the high profile of the band. By featuring a cause through The Make Yourself Foundation, these causes should see a large increase in awareness.

Specifically, how is The Make Yourself Foundation funded?
The band funds the foundation by donating a portion of the proceeds generated from touring, record royalties, online auctions of Incubus concert tickets, memorabilia, and special events. As an example: All band royalties from Incubus bootlegs are donated to MYF. Any MYF merchandise purchased through the above 'store' link is donated to MYF.

How does the Make Yourself Foundation determine which causes they will help fund?
The members of Incubus have strong opinions on things that can be improved both domestically and abroad.

The environment, education, health, preventing child abuse, and assistance for career musicians - these are some of the issues to the band hopes to address with MYF.

Some of the causes they feel strongly about are:
Future Forests
Painted Turtle
Sweet Relief
Surfrider Foundation
Operation Smile
Silverlake Music Conservatory
Break The Cycle
The Red Cross
International Rett Syndrome Association
Heal The Bay
Institute of Music and Neurologic Function
Save the Music
Tj Martell Foundation
Epilepsy Foundation
Life Rolls On
Amnesty International
Shambala Sanctuary Environmental Defense
Ocean Conservancy
Rock the Earth
Leave No Trace
Sierra Club
Sonoran Institute
Center for Biological Diversity
Arizona League of Conservation Voters
Environmental Working Group
League to Save Lake Tahoe
Bently BioDiesel
Glen Canyon Institute
Nebraska State Recycling
Stream Team
Northern Bioneers
Circle City Animal Allies
Clean Air Conservancy
Toronto Environmental Alliance
Earth Roots

Incubus chooses to issue grants a few ways:
-The band takes a personal interest in an issue
-The band reviews grant submissions from applicants

Are my eBay purchases deductible?
MYF is a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit and your purchases are deductible. To claim a deduction for your contribution - MYF's EIN: 47-0921336

Does MYF accept personal donations?
You can donate digitally here. You can also donate by buying a bootleg CD (, bid on items through the MYF site, or purchase tickets to see the band live.

When are the donations distributed?
The donations are distributed at the conclusion of each calendar year.

When was The Make Yourself Foundation established?

Can I volunteer?
Due to the small size of the staff, we are unable to accommodate many of the wonderful requests from people who are willing to give their time and energy to the foundation. We recommend that those who would like to volunteer help the cause of MYF by reading materials that make our world more live-able and by raising awareness for the causes highlighted by MYF. In addition, MYF hosts events from time to time to raise money for the foundation, and we hope interested parties will attend.

How can I contact Incubus?
Incubus appreciates your thoughts, suggestions and ideas. The Foundation, however, is focused on charitable causes and not on Incubus as performers. Thus MYF does not generally respond to Incubus' fan mail or send out Incubus' photo. Correspondence addressed to the band at the Foundation's address will be reviewed by the Foundation staff and passed on, and responded to, if appropriate.

Can I link to your site with banners?
Yes, we created banners that you can feel free to download and use on your website. The banners are found in the 'take action' part of the MYF site.

How much money has the foundation raised so far?
$1,209,734 (as of 7/16/09)

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