Update from Brandon Boyd on Standing Rock #WaterIsLife Campaign

A message from Brandon (via Instagram):

Thank you to everyone who ordered their #waterislife print! I signed and numbered them today and they are heading out in the mail Monday. You should be seeing them in the post soon.

The #smallvictory against the #dakotaaccesspipeline last week warmed my heart and gave me a little glimmer of hope. It felt like the first good news I'd heard in months! But now that the dust is settling, it's evident that this dance has only just begun. There is so much here to speak on, more than a post on this site can hold. This is not only about #nativesovereignty , the right to clean drinking water, the rights of Native Americans, human rights, our constitutional right to peacefully assemble and protest, and also raising the alarm over the truly horrific use of military force on peaceful American citizens. This is also about witnessing the last gasps of the Fossil Fuel titans as they watch a generation wake up to the potential of clean and renewable energy. 💗💗⚡️🌞🔌 #waterislife