A Personal Recap from One of MYF's Meet & Greet Winners

We just received an email from Irem Arditty who recently went to the #incubustour2015 stop in Tampa. We thought it was such a sweet letter and nice overview of the meet & greet experience, so we wanted to share with all of you -- Thanks Irem!!


Hello MYF,

I feel so blessed to make a donation because I know that Make Yourself Foundation is going to cause an amazing event. Also I am so thankful for each one of you for making my dreams come true. I could only imagine meeting Incubus face to face. You have literally changed my life. I hope I can express my feelings I had when I arrived Coral Sky Amphitheatre. When I was waiting for Justin Wysong to start the check-in I was so afraid that I might had done something wrong and he wasn't going to find my name for meet and greet, but then he read my name and my hands started to shake! 

Then i and the other fans went to the place where the life changing moment was going to happen. Justin gave us a funny and beautiful talk and he helped us a lot. He was a very friendly person. I was in the second group and I was trying to see them from the outside. I saw Michael Einziger and i tried really hard to get his attention! He finally saw me and waved at me like he has known me for a long time. The next thing i felt was my shaky hands. Then my group's time had arrived and we went in. I was trying to stop my hands but it was nearly impossible. Ben Kenney was in the first seat. He has a big part of my life because he is the main reason I started to play bass guitar, like Jose Pasillas is the reason I started to play drums. Kilmore was really kind and I enjoyed so so much talking to him. Michael Einziger! How can I explain him?! He has such an inspirational talent and such a big heart filled with the love of music! When it was the time to talk to Brandon Boyd, I had to lift my legs up to make them stop shaking. Not only his music but his whole lifestyle and personality have changed the way I live and think. He pulled out the things I had kept secretly in my consciousness. Every each one of them was very friendly and love their fans. And also I am so happy to be able have an amazing MYF group photo with them. Thanks again Justin! 

I still can't believe the fact that i actually met the whole band and watched the show from the first row! They have been in Istanbul where I live but I was 12! So it was like a dream which was the hardest to come true. I was so lucky that I was going to be here in Florida to study-internship. It means that miracles do happen! 

The most amazing and unforgettable moments started with the countdown and when the almighty 'Incubus carpets' came to the stage. Then Incubus was on!  I saw the appreciation of doing what they love from their faces and the joy they had when they saw the fans singing with them. 

Words cannot express how talented musicians they are. I knew that from the beginning. I think seeing Incubus play live must be the top of the list of 'what we should do before we die'. They made me feel the music in my veins. I knew I was like every other fans who listen to them everyday every second but this was different. The way I felt while the show was very different. I didn't want seconds to pass so it could last forever. I wish I could've been their show earlier. I've missed a lot in all those years. But it was so very worth to wait!!! 

Thank you Incubus for showing us what music means. 

Thank you Make Yourself Foundation for all these opportunities, for making me live and witness those amazing moments. 

Cheers everyone