Hi everyone!

As you all know, Incubus is a band that continues to give back. This sparks an idea in me to get involved in any way I can. I thought of making a fund raising night to help a charity in MYF. The idea is to have a huge gathering in my own city of Jakarta, Indonesia, where Incubus fans (that lives here and nearby) can meet, hang out, eat food, have drinks, play games and hear local bands play Incubus songs. The money collected in that night will be donated to MYF.

I'm writing in this discussion board because I've never done a fund raising night before. I thought of sharing in the hopes that all of you wonderful fans of Incubus can shade bright ideas on my little plan. Do any of you have ever done fund raising? What do I need to do to get sponsors? How do I make sure people will actually donate money? When is the perfect timing to do this?

Thank you very much for reading this. I hope my idea will spark other ideas. And I hope to get a response from all of you.

Peace and love,

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oh lmfao..i didn't realize that this way 2 years old! hahah. well, how did it turn out? lol

Jason Paul said:

hey i think what ur doing is great! i wish i could be there too. well i hope sooner i can go to INCUNESIA events. maybe in the future. i love the name too. ill think of sumthing for Philippines too. i wish i have other die hard incubus fans here so we could do the same thing your doing...fundraising for MYF! i just want to wish you good luck! :)

p.s i also saw ur tattoo, i envy it. :))
I'm one heck of an incubus fan. Let me know where youre from so somehow I could at least help and build. Kind of like this idea. Let's do this. :D

Nike001 is a SPAMMER!

What a wonderful idea! thank you for this inspiration! i've never done fund raising before(there's a book "fund raiser for dummies...easy to get tips from...can borrow in library)...sorry i cant be more helpful, i just really liked your idea! :) I cant wait to work towards having an event that will have the proceeds go to MYF !! wicked idea sister!

One Love <3

I love your ideas.

Funny, I just done a blog asking for advice, help and suggestions on charity gigs, as I work for a charity and wanted to raise money for them. The contacting of radio stations and making t-shirts sound like a fab idea..... I am trying to think of a version for Wales, hmmm, Incucymru? Incymru? (Cymru is Wales in Welsh.) 

So how did your charity night go in the end? Hope it was a success for you and MYF :D

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