Many people including me suffer from this chronic disease. It effects the lungs and other organs . Our immune systems are low and when we get a common cold or any little thing it's usually a big deal. By helping support this cause you can help with research to help cure this disease or to help make it easier to live with. Help a cf patient breathe easier :)

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How do you suppose we do that?

Hi Christina. There are many natural supplements that actually build your immune system. Good water always helps too. I personally look for the bottles that say sodium free on them. A few supplements that i have run by are Neem Leaf, and Moringa. The neem leaf has a lot of promising effects to build the immune system and the moringa has many proteins in it and its highest property, to my understanding, is to purify water. A lot of what you need to fight this disease is a well balanced nutritional diet and on a consistent basis. Good to note that your body will cling to artificial preservatives before nutrients. Hope this helps:)

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